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Gourmet Feasts Menu

Gourmet Feasts

Minimum order of 20 people.
All the feasts include cookies and drinks.



Chicken or beef fajitas, vegetable enchiladas with tomatillo sauce, Spanish rice, refried or black beans, salsa, guacamole, corn chips, corn and flour tortillas.



Your choice of chicken Marsala, Piccata, Parmesan or beef lasagna, balsamic marinated grilled vegetable, rice pilaf or roasted garlic mashed potatoes or roasted vegetable penne pasta in marinara sauce, served with gourmet green salad and garlic bread.



Marinated and grilled boneless chicken kabob, Basmati rice, falafel, roasted garlic hummus, baked pita chips, tabbouleh or Greek salad and yogurt cucumber dip



Chicken or beef vegetable stir fry, steamed white rice, vegetable chow mein , vegetarian egg rolls, sweet chili sauce, Oriental salad and mandarin orange dressing.
Pretzel crusted chicken breast with sweet chili sauce, Soy ginger rice, stir fry sesame green beans and mandarin Cole slaw.



Marinated in fresh herbs and oven roasted turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, fiesta corn, cranberry sauce, Caeser salad and dinner rolls.



Boneless grilled chicken tandoori, Chicken tikka masala, Saag paneer or Aloo gobi, basmati rice, vegetable samosas, cilantro mint chutney, raita, plain and garlic naan bread.



Marinated Barbequed spiced and grilled chicken breast, macaroni and cheese, fiesta corn, baked beans, Caesar or potato salad and corn bread.

Southern fried chicken


Seasoned chicken with blend of herbs and spices hand breaded fried served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, fiesta corn, Mac and cheese and Cole slaw