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Vegetarian Entrees Menu

Vegetarian Entrees

Minimum order of 20 people
Includes a side salad, vegetables, starch, dessert, drinks and utensils.

Spinach Lasagna


Layers of pasta, fresh spinach cooked with herbs. spices, three cheeses and fresh marinara sauce.

Eggplant Parmesan


Lightly spice and breaded, saute gently in the oven with marinara and parmesan cheese.

Pretzel crusted tofu


Pretzel crusted tofu with sweet chili sauce

Tofu Marsala


Marinated tofu cooked to perfection topped with Marsala sauce

Tofu and Vegetable Stir fry


Asian flair tofu and vegetable stir fry.

Tofu fajitas


Tofu marinated with Mexican spice and grilled with onions and bell peppers

Portobello Mushroom Ravioli


Cooked to perfection, topped with marinara sauce fresh basil and parmesan cheese.

Eggplant Zucchini Baked Casserole


Layered eggplant, zucchini, sun dried tomato cooked in spices and baked in marinara sauce and topped with feta or mozzarella cheese.

Indian Spiced Vegetable Curry


Seasonal vegetable cooked in Indian spices with touch of coconut cream.

Penne Pasta with Roasted Vegetables


Penne pasta with roasted vegetables in marinara sauce.